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inTech's engineers are relentless in their pursuit of artistic aesthetics as they reflect each campers unique personality and purpose. This results in a true work of art inspiring the revolutionary Tilt-Forward Design.

What is Tilt-Forward Design?

Increasing interior space, next level innovation, & design

tilt-forward design
intech front cap

Tilt-Forward Advantage

Tilt-forward is aesthetically stunning but also functional. On the exterior, it allows for concealed LP tanks within the front cap. Also with a strong dip to the front brow and a radius front surface, tilt-forward is able to improve the aerodynamics of the trailer. Pair that with a panoramic 3 ply laminated front windshield and tilt-forward is truly the best of function and style!

Unmatchable Interior Space

Relax and enjoy the stunning benefits gained on the interior of your inTech from Tilt-Forward design. Because of our forward-tilting cap, we gain additional interior space by taking advantage of what would normally be wasted space over the A-Frame. Pair that with inTech’s panoramic windshield and you will be able to continue enjoying all the outdoors has to offer from inside your inTech!

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