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Custom Development
We offer programmers, graphic designers and technical writers in order to assist with all your demands of the customization process.

InTech has brought its extensive training expertise to the Internet with the development of its unique e-learning methodology and highly skilled technical staff. Its course development and production staff specialize in the development of training modules that engage learners with clear, interactive content, realistic simulations and informative laboratory exercises.

e-Learning Application
To provide you with a dynamic e-learning experience, InTech can develop customized applications that can be delivered on cd-rom or over the web.

Windows Media Player

Macromedia Player


Click HERE for a demo.

System Requirements:

Pentium 300 or higher,
64MB ram, 4MB vram
Windows Media Player v7.1
800x600 minimum,
16-bit minimum
SOUND: Sound Card Enabled


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  • User Friendly Interface
  • AICC Compliant
  • Multiple user accounts with individual and
  • group level tracking and reporting system
  • Pre- and post-assessment to measure knowledge gains
  • Video Instructors
  • Application Exercises
  • Interactive Question and Answer feature
  • Absorbing laboratory exercises
  • Bookmarking to quickly reference information
  • Comprehensive glossary of terms
  • Text searching capabilities
  • Effective on-line help
  • Minimal demands on intranet infrastructures
  • Consistent delivery with unlimited repetition

Return on Investment (ROI)

Management requires you to demonstrate a return on investment for proposed training. Where do you turn?

InTech will assist you in determining all your training options and identify the best mix for you based on estimated ROI.

Sample ROI calculations

An InTech client, a global telecommunications company, needed training for 400 employees. They were interested in classroom and web delivery. InTech assisted them in determining which option best suited their situation by calculating potential ROI. The classroom training would take five days with half the participants (200) traveling to training sites. Five trainers were required to deliver the material, also traveling to each site as needed. The opportunity cost (cost of an employee not being available to perform their job) per day for each employee was $300. The following table details our client's training costs:


*Employees typically require 40% less time to learn a subject when using technology-based training.

With these calculations, InTech demonstrated to our client, a savings of 42% for a web-based training rollout. Additionally, the opportunity cost would be 40% less for a web-based implementation.

InTech was able to offer several options to this client other than a strictly classroom or web-based delivery. Our unique blended approach to training, that combines the best of classroom learning with the advantages of technology, allows us to demonstrate an immediate and measurable link between training, productivity and bottom line profit.

Course Creation

InTech creates effective computer- and web-based training for clients utilizing its fully equipped multimedia studio / classrooms. We offer custom course creation, as well as generating streamed instructional content for clients from their current course materials. InTech supplies all services from custom web interface development to pre- to post-production, including script writing, studio time, technical expertise and virtual trainers within a variety of Studio Package options.

Recently, InTech has created and implemented customized training content for a realtors association. This content allows our client to provide on-line courses for continuing education credit for a national audience of real estate professionals.

At a leading telecommunications firm, InTech is creating web-based instructional content for a new interface on their proprietary manufacturing application. InTech is implementing a combined classroom and technology-based solution that will allow their employees to receive training without disrupting production schedules. InTech's customized content allows this company to utilize their human resources more effectively.

Development and Production of Learning Environment

InTech offers access to state-of-the-art multimedia classroom / studios and production equipment to ensure the highest quality capture and editing. InTech's editing process is the key to its modular approach to e-learning and allows a great deal of flexibility in training.

InTech designs user-friendly interface and navigation systems that integrate video, images, animations and text to create a superior learning environment. As part of a course, InTech may utilize simulations of a task to show students rather than just tell them how something works. Using multimedia in this way leads to fuller comprehension and a higher level of knowledge retention. InTech's instructional designers are adept at striking the optimal balance between appealing content and cognitive overload. Using this expertise, we develop course modules that become effective and engaging learning tools.

InTech also incorporates an interactive Question and Answer feature as an integral part of each module. Clients may select from seven different question types such as true/false, multiple choice, short text, and more.

InTech develops tracking and reporting systems that allow students to see their progress and receive corrective feedback to determine what areas need further review. Clients may designate the number of attempts a student has to pass a test or if they will be sent back to retake questions until they are able to answer correctly. The information can be compiled and output to a text file, database or e-mail if outside review of achievement is desired.

Scripting and Virtual Instructors

InTech also offers technical writing services including scripting and storyboard development. Experienced in writing content for instructional purposes in a multimedia environment, InTech staff develops content that provides true retention of learned knowledge and skills.

Click here to learn more about InTech's Technical Writing services.

Instructors with experience presenting technical material in a studio environment are also available. InTech instructors have spent numerous hours in front of the camera perfecting their skills. If your instructor is unable to work effectively in front of a camera (many people can't), InTech instructors are able to quickly learn proprietary software and hardware to ensure the highest quality content.

For More Information

Please contact us at 401.431.6990 or to learn more about your training options.




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