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SAN Implementation Services Activities

  • Project Management – An experienced InTech Project Manager will be assigned as a focal point for all client activities and to ensure total client satisfaction. InTech’s Project Managers also coordinate the technical work, prepare required documentation and report the overall installation status throughout the project.
  • Hardware Installation Configuration and Verification – InTech will unpack, inspect, and install the equipment, run diagnostics and remove packing material.
  • Installation, Configuration, and Verification of SAN/Storage Software – InTech will install, configure, and verify SAN/Storage Software.
  • Configuration and Verification of Disk Drives – InTech will configure, initialize, and verify the RAID Storage sets through the use of powerful software tools.
  • Installation, Configuration, and Verification of Service Tools – InTech will install sophisticated service tools on client’s servers, clients and verify operation.
  • Verification Testing - Collaborating with the client, InTech will develop and execute test scripts to validate proper functionality of the total SAN.
  • Customer Orientation and Knowledge Transfer – InTech will review the SAN/Storage Software installation, describe setup configuration, and show the client’s staff the operation and use of these products.
  • Data Migration Overview - InTech will review the Migration Planning Guide with the client. Actual migration planning and execution services are available.
  • Documentation – InTech will provide a complete set of documentation for the client’s new SAN, including complete capture of SAN configuration and corresponding topology, hardware and wiring diagrams.



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