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“A mentor is defined as a wise teacher, trusted counselor and advisor.”

InTech has the experienced personnel to help guide you through the many phases of your project. InTech has mentored project managers in all types of industries and projects by utilizing the vast experiences of past project management.

If you need someone to bounce ideas off or to conduct research, we are the company who can help you reach your goals. InTech has been involved with Information Architecture, Content Conversion, SAN Design and Implementation, Facility Moves, as well as career planning.





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Planning • Conversions • Implementation • Training • Consulting • Support • Facilities
• Rentals • Skills • Databases • Development • Applications •Programming
• Plug-ins• Curriculum design • Writing • Editing • XML • XSL • DITA
• Style Sheets • Templates • Plug-Ins • EMC • IBM • Documents • CMS
•FrameMaker • Adobe • SAN (Storage Area Network)

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