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Linked2 Plug-in for Adobe FrameMaker


Linked2 bridges FrameMaker and Documentumto provide everything your organization needs to create, share, reuse, and deliver XML content, in any DITA format, for any destination.

Price outline on converting your existing documents to a DITA compliant XML document
For the 1st 800 pages  

InTech will provide the following services objects:

  • Customize template that has the same look and feel as your existing documents.
    • This user-friendly template will be a customized template designed specifically to meet your needs.
      • The template will be ready to use to create your new structured FrameMaker documents
    • Your users will require minimal training to work efficiently with the structured FrameMaker template.
  • An Element Document Definition (EDD) which defines the element structure and format
  • A Document Type Definition (DTD) which will be utilized when the structured document is saved to XML
  • Any read write rules necessary to the conversion
  • An application file which will define the location of the DTD, read write rules, template, and more
  • XSL which will be your style sheets
    Converted structured FrameMaker document(s)
For the pages 801+   $3.00 per page



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