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Export Reusable Object

The reusable object support allows you to select a task, reference, concept, or body element and export it as a reusable object. These reusable objects may be inserted in as many different documents as you wish. Editing of the reusable objects is fully supported. Updating occurs automatically on document open, and there is a menu item for manual update triggering.

Using conref attribute (Click here for more information about the conref attribute)

We have conversion tables, XSL style sheets, DTD's, mod files and templates available. Too much hassle? We can handle the entire conversion from unstructured to DITA-compliant XML.


Making a topic, concept, reference, or task reusable

  • Place your insertion point in the task, concept, reference or task information where you would like to create the reusable object. (This will take the topic, concept, reference or task element and its associated children elements and use it as the reusable object content.)
  • Export as usable Object by right clicking on paragraph
  • Choose the Save As Dialog box
  • This creates a DITA compliant XML document and inserts the correct path in the conref attribute value

Note: As of March 2006, our reusable object system is the only 100 percent DITA-compliant solution for Adobe FrameMaker that we are aware of. As a user, you should know that several "DITA-compliant" applications are not, in fact DITA compliant in the area of reusable objects.

Insert Reusable Object

Using conref attribute (Click here for more information about the conref attribute)

DITA compliant reusable objects (conref populated) are now a reality for FrameMaker 7.2 Users.

  • Expand the elements within the Structured View
  • Place your insertion point within the Structured View where you want to place in the reusable object.
  • Right-click and then select Insert Reusable Object
  • In the Open File window, select the DITA compliant XML document that was created using the Export Reusable Object plug-in.
  • Create or Insert Reusable objects into your FrameMaker document and update
Once you've inserted the reusable object into your FrameMaker document, this reusable object is locked. If the user double-clicks the reusable object, you will see the screen to your right letting you know that the information is locked. You have the ability to edit it if you need to.
Save to DITA
The Save function will automatically populate ID attributes in the required DITA elements..






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