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InTech's Document Conversion services allow you to continue to utilize your valuable legacy documents without diminishing employee productivity. We offer efficient and dependable conversion of documents from one format to another.

Our specialists possess extensive experience converting text and graphics to and from a broad range of formats including FrameMaker, SGML, HTML, XML, PDF, PageMaker, Quark, Word, WordPerfect, RTF, ASCII, and more. With expert document specification analysis, InTech ensures all data is converted accurately.

Don't lose your legacy documents, take them with you with InTech's customized document conversion services. We'll have your documents up and running without delay!

InTech will convert or help you convert your content from one file type to another. In addition, we will make sure that it will work with your new technologies and workflow processes. Our extensive (over 15 years) converting experience will enable us to oversee a well thought out plan and seamless conversion of your documentation.

We convert from and to sources such as

  • Legacy
  • Word
  • Interleaf
  • nroff, text
  • PDF
  • FrameMaker
  • Structured FrameMaker
  • SGML
  • XML
  • Dita
  • s1000d
  • Custom Structures
If you do not see your source or converted file types, please contact Thomas M. Aldous at 401-431-6990 or We have converted to/from many additional file formats.



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