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InTech is pleased to announce our partnership with Siberlogic, the producers of SiberSafe. Recognizing early that the traditional model of collaboration which allows only one person to work on a file at a time, does not work for XML SiberLogic set out to develop a versioned repository that allows teams to define granularity at which they want to deal with XML files. Today, SiberLogic's solution allows many team members to work on different sections of the same file with the certainty that they will not conflict. SiberLogic was the first vendor to provide a solution for XML authoring teams. For more information about SiberSafe and Siberlogic, visit

InTech is pleased to announce our partnership with JustSystems, Inc., the producers of XMetaL. JustSystems is a leading global software provider with a 27-year history of successful innovation in office productivity, information management, and consumer and enterprise software. With over 2,400 customers worldwide and annual revenues over $110M, the company is continuing a global expansion strategy that includes the launch of its new enterprise software offering called xfy (pronounced 'x-fie'), and the acquisition of XMetaL, XML-based content lifecycle solutions. JustSystems has worldwide office locations including headquarters in Tokyo, Japan; Palo Alto, California; Vancouver, Canada; and London, England. The company currently employs over 1,000 people. Major strategic partnerships include IBM, Oracle and EMC. For more information about XMetaL and JustSystems, Inc., visit

ConteX is the innovative content management solution built ground-up for technical publications, with full support for XML, Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word. Live Linx is a leading provider of innovative technology and solutions for demanding technical writing groups. ConteX CMS was developed in conjunction with some of the largest techpub groups in the world representing the communications, aerospace, semiconductor, software, pharmaceutical, and medical devices industries. Backed up by close to 20 years of experience, Live Linx provides solutions that improve efficiency and provide high performance for documentation lifecycles, no matter what the size of the documentation set and authoring group. For more information, check out our site at, or write us at

Altova® DiffDog® is an advanced diff merge tool for developers and power users who need to efficiently compare and merge files, folders, and directories. Its unique XML-aware functionality is a must for developers working with XML. In fact, DiffDog even lets you compare Office 2007/ OOXML docs. DiffDog displays comparisons side by side with color coding, and lets you merge differences in either direction. The Synchronize Directories feature lets you customize options to update and merge entire directories, including sub-folders, in a single step. Altova's Website can be found at



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